I didn't know if I'd be able to function. Nonetheless, I didn't hesitate to participate. In my nation, it is common for a teenage lad to lose his virginity to a prostitute. Despite the fact that the concept did not initially appeal to me, a light bulb flashed out inside my skull one day. I asked a boy in my class to drive me there, and he organized a group visit for us. I had no doubt in my mind that my father would agree. I was expecting some motivational speech peppered with anecdotes from his past. He also provided me with some sound advice, saying, "It's a business deal."

Sex with a prostitutes

There were five of us, all between the ages of 15 and 16. We were all virgins, three of us. Our guides were the other two. They were genuinely there to direct us because we had no idea how to get to that area. They were also available to offer assistance if we became hesitant. That was not anything I was concerned about.

I didn't give it much thought at the time. It genuinely helped me get over the tension of the task at hand as a bit of advice. It assisted me in downplaying the situation. It should be normalized. When I arrived, a young woman appeared topless and performed a brief catwalk in the first place we went. We just stood there like idiots, staring at her as the matron introduced her and her services.

How does it feel to have sex for the first time with a prostitute?

The showroom underlined the transactional aspect of the event. The products themselves. The sneak peek The following is a list of the services available. Even the matron's eventual unwillingness to serve us: "On weekends, the girl can't take virgins," she explained. "It's too crowded." For any reason, we reserve the right to deny service to anybody. We never stated that we were virgins, but it was most likely written on our faces.

We went into other businesses. We were not asked to leave anywhere else except when they were on their coffee break. After a few stops, I found someone with a body that met my requirements. To my partners' delight, I entered one of the bedrooms without a second's hesitation.

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